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Clepsydra deals exclusively with watches.
We offer for sale a carefully selected collection from recognized watch brands as well as other related products including a variety of quality leather straps and metal bracelets to match every watch and occasion.
On the same time, we work with watch repairs, from battery exchange to complete overhauls, treating every watch with care and respect, with the aid of our professional skills and experience and the support of high-tech equipment.


Clepsydra watch service centre was established in 1992 and is managed by Andreas Phasoulides, a Swiss-certified watch repairer.
After successfully finishing his studies in 1987 at the watch making school of WOSTEP, in Neuchatel, Switzerland, he spent more than three years in the private sector in Cyprus and subsequently established his own business.
Clepsydra has since become popular with many local Cypriot customers and also with foreign visitors to Cyprus who require a qualitative and attractive new watch or a recommended watch repair service.


Clepsydra is the first known device to measure intervals of time by the use of mechanical means, controlled by the flow of water.
Water is the source of life and evolution on earth. Its attributes include transparency, flexibility and vivacity. With these attributes in mind, we approach every customer and watch. We are genuine and transparent with our repairs, flexible to the needs of the customer, and we give vivacity to watches!

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